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Longline Bikini Top

As the summer arrives and the temperature warms, you are excited to finally be able to go to vacation. You dream about the sea and the never-ending sand paths. For this new adventure, you need a new swimsuit for the occasion. You feel the need to be comfortable and still stylish, what is a better choice than the long line bikini topto enjoy. It gives a unique style compared to other bikinis and have become a classic.

What Is a Long Line Bikini Top?

You might ask yourself what a longline bikini top is. This is a style of bikini top that extends farther down the torso. It might look like the tankini when it comes about being modest. Compared to traditional bikini tops, it covers more. It has a wider band under the bust. The appearance looks like a sport bra or a tank top. They are generally loved for the support and coverage provided thanks to the extended length of the band. And is a good choice or alternative for those who prefer to have a sporty modest look. Longline bikini topsare again a category bringing together several design such as halter-neck, bandeau, and bralette styles. This way, you will have the choice to choose the different level of coverage.

Why Choose Longline Bikini Tops?

Longline bikini tops are often underrated due to the appearance. However, they are an excellent choice for several reasons.

First, they are not the regular, basic bikini tops that you can see everywhere because are judge too sporty and not enough feminine. They stand out from the others regular bikinis because of their simplicity and effectiveness. Moreover, thanks to the extended fabric and support provided, your silhouette is more defined enhance your natural beauty.

The longline bikini top reunites two concept that never go without each other: style and comfort. Thanks to the supporting structure and shape, you have a great support. In fact, there are often chosen for this. They are a good alternative for those who do water activities but don’t want to wear a long sleeve one piece swimsuit. Plus, they fit women of all sizes. Whether you have a petite frame or have with an hourglass figure, you can be sure that the longline bikini tops will be enhancing you and your curves while providing the right amount of comfort.

In addition, it’s a versatile piece. Indeed, it can be paired with all the bikini bottoms you want. You will be able to create a new look every time you feel like doing it. Knowing its coverage nature, for example, you can pair it to a Brazilian bikini to balance your swimwear. The possibilities are endless.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Fit of Your Long Line Bikini

There are several things to look after when you go purchase your bikini top. This is why we will give some advice, so you won’t have any bad surprises.

First, one of the key things is to find the right fit. We can all agree when we say that you don’t want to look ridiculous on the beach. Unlike other regular bikini tops, longline bikini tops can be easily customized thanks to all the different types there are.  

After, the second detail that is important is the size. Generally, because the materials used to make the fabric, the swimsuit might be tight or tighter than usual. This is why you should look carefully look to the size guide. Or you can also refer yourself to your bra size. Indeed, it is like what you wear daily as it provides support.

Finally, you need to choose the good model. What we mean by this, is to think about the purpose of it.  Indeed, if we take high neck longline bikini top, it is perfect for those who want full coverage. You will have a modest yet stylish look. And the most importantly, you will be able to do whatever you want surfing, diving, windsurfing while having the greatest support through the day. Another example is the longline triangle bikini top really like a bra, is a great choice for those who want to tan their chest while still having support. It’s a good compromise between relaxing and sporty activities. If you still find it enough feminine to, you can accessorize it with a cover up skirt making you more girly.

The Longline Bikinis and The Bralette Bikini Top

Longline bikinis are the best when it comes to be versatile. Plus, they are an excellent addition to your swimwear outfit correctly enhancing your body curves as they should. They give the perfect balance between style, comfort, and versatility. They become a must-have through the year for every beach sporty enthusiast. If you enjoy this type of bikini top, then you should have a look to our bralette bikini top collection. Those are good when you want to be feminine but still provide a certain amount of coverage but less than a long line bikini. So, don’t wait it’s time to go choose your new swimsuit companion for this summer!