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Triangle Bikini

Many women ask themselves what beachwear they should choose a one-piece swimsuit, a bikini top and find bikini bottom to match it… However, there is one thing that we know: the first choice is the triangle bikini. Nothing can be better than this classic. They are a timeless and easy to wear. They suit everyone. Year after year it has never been old-fashioned but a classic to have when you don’t know what to wear in the summer at the beach.

The Appearance of Triangle Bikinis and its Benefits

The triangle bikini, the cups of the bikini top look like triangles as well as the bottom looks like a triangle. The top is connected by two pieces of string allowing it to be fixed as desired. It is the same for the bikini bottoms.

One of the first advantage of having a triangle bikini, is there minimalist design. Indeed, often considered too much skin, the designers decided to make them a little more neutral to not be crude. Plus, with the strings connecting each part of the swimsuit,it accentuates natural curves enhancing the natural beauty of women.  

Another benefit of triangle bikinis is their functionality. Fortunately, those pieces are easy to match. This way you can elaborate different looks and styles. You can pair one triangle bikini with a brazilian bikini bottom for a sexy look. If you prefer more coverage, you can it with a hipster bikini bottom and for more add a swimsuit cover up. You can tyle it with everything!

And finally, the most important detail is the string. They are adjustable which fit for all women, not too tight or too loose.  Thanks to ties at the neck and back, you can customize the fit and the knots to look cutter. There are different types of triangle bikini. If you have large breast you can opt for bigger cups and on contrary if it is small, choose little cups so there will be no gap between the fabric and your skin.

Tips Before Shopping for a Triangle Bikini Top

Before you buy your dream triangle bikini, there are things to be aware of. Such as the size. it's important to know your size.  According to the model, sizes can vary so it's crucial to check the size guide. And consider the length of the strings. They must be long so can do whatever knots you want for your comfort and look. Then choose the fabric and the color that enhance and suit you the best. If you want to stay minimalistic then, choose black, white, and brown color. They are simple but elegant colors. You can fail by choosing them. But if you wish to be noticed and shine, blue or red are a good choice. They will add a touch of pep to the minimalistic nature of the triangle bikini.

The Versatility of Triangle Bikini Swimsuit

The triangle bikini is a classic piece. It never will fail you no matter where you go for the vacations. Its design and the wide range of colors, prints, and size of cup are why you should invest in it.  Plus, can easily tan. However, if you don’t want to have any mark on your shoulders, we advise you to look after the bandeau bikini. They are great when it comes to zero mark on your bust or shoulders. So don’t wait and explore the possibility with our swimsuits and your ability to create beautiful  matching!