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Bandeau Bikini

When you think about bikini tops, you picture a basic and plain swimsuit that won’t make you original. Fortunately, over the years, the swimwear industry managed to create range of new bikini tops, such as the bandeau bikini.  Those unusual top became one of the wanted item worldwide. Even prized by celebrities, they will be the perfect addiction to your swimwear collection. We can even say they are now a classic and will never fade over the years coming.  

How to Choose Perfectly your Future Bandeau Bikini?

Bandeau bikini as the name says it correctly is large band of fabric which goes around the bust. They also go by the name of strapless bikini top. Most of them don’t have any straps but some have. It more about aesthetic, to add a touch of originality. Some of them have the front open to give you sexy vibe. In fact, they have in a variety shape making it accessible for anyone who wants to wear it.

To find your fit for a bandeau bikini, need to know your chest and size. It one of the most important things to know. Indeed, by buying one too tight, it might hurt you and one too loose won’t be able to support your chest. Worst, the bikini top could slip off your chest. You won’t be able to feel secure. This is why you need to be careful.  Also, some strapless bikinis are made of special fabrics so will get all the support you need during the day. Furthermore, they might have cups inside the swimwear that provide extra support, while others offer a more natural look. You will get your bust a lift that will enhance you.  

In a second time, you must think the bikini top’s styles and its functionality. You have multiple choices. You can choose the most classic one: the classic strapless bandeau bikini. It is good tan a maximum without getting straps marks on tour shoulders or back.  However, if need more support because or your chest size or any other preferences, a bandeau bikini with straps might the best for you. The bandeau bikini topcan be equipped of straps removable or not. This way, you can put them back when feel the need. Finally, the bandeau bikini can have an opening in front, so you get to tan the neckline and be sexier at the same time.

Then, you can choose the color you want to wear. There are no limits. They are available in a range of colors that cannot even imagine. We have the classic black, the bright red and sunny yellow. Depending on your mood of the day, you can wear prints such as leopard. It won’t too much looking how simple the design is.

How to Style and Wear your Bandeau Bikini Top

Once you've made your choice, it is finally time to choose your bikini bottom. All of this depends on your personal tastes, do you want casual? Sexiness? Minimalism? For the bikini bottoms, we advise you to choose the high waist bikini bottom or brazilian bikini. Both will bring a touch of sensuality without being vulgar and will enhance your legs. Making you look like a mermaid. Moreover, they are a good addition if you want to tan more. You can also accessories them with cover ups. That might give you vahine vibes.

Let’s not forget that bandeau bikini can also be worn outside the beach. For example, if you want to the restaurant, a beach party or shopping on the sea wall, you can wear it with a cover up like a pantor short.  

How to Maintain your Bandeau Bikini in a Good Shape

Every swimwear needs to be taken care of even bandeau bikini. If you don’t want it to lose its color, stretch or shape, then you need to know the following things.  After each use, whether at the beach or pool, rinse it. The products that are in the water or sunscreen can deteriorate your product. Don’t hesitate to use the showers available around you. You might not know but the reason why the water is cold is to preserve the fabric of the swimsuit. This way it will remove the chlorine or saltwater. It is best to wash it by hand always using cold water and mild soap. However, if you absolutely cannot avoid washing machine, do it on a soft mode with cold water and non-aggressive products. Then dry your bikini top in a place without sun and on a flat area. If you follow all those steps, then you will be sure to keep it like it was brand new for the next years coming.

The Bandeau Top Bikini and Its Variation

The bandeau bikinihas been able to prove itself timeless, practical, and stylish over the years. Easy to pair up with any swimsuit bottoms. They are also so comfortable; you won’t want to separate yourself from it. If you prefer something with more support, you might be looking in the underwire bikini top collection. This category of bikinis is a good compromise. You can still tan, but they provide a huge support to your chest that help you through the day. So, don’t wait? And come find your happiness through all the options you have!