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One Shoulder Bikini

As summer rises and arrives soon, you might want an innovative swimsuit in your wardrobe. Among all the classic that exist there is one that detach itself from the rest: the one shoulder bikini. With its unusual look, it stands out. This bikini top is having an asymmetric cut and distinctive shoulder add design. You can recognize them right away.

What is a One Shoulder Bikini?

One shoulder bikini is a type of swimwear that features a single shoulder strap. Indeed, instead of having two straps like the traditional bikini tops, it has only one. This design is asymmetric which mean that one of your sides more precisely, your shoulder is exposed exposes. But still you will be provided support and coverage on the opposite shoulder. Generally, the single strap can vary in thickness, but is still enough thick to balance the weight and not hurt you during your day.

How to Wear a One Shoulder Bikini Top?

Wearing a one shoulder bikini means that you need to like the design of it and not feeling weird once it’s on you.

First, you need to position it correctly on your shoulder so it will secure your chest of being visible which you don’t want. Don’t forget to adjust the strap as needed to ensure supportive fit. Some of the bikini top come with padding or cups. This way, it will provide more coverage and shape to your chest making you will confident.

The other thing you need to know is, there different shapes to the one shoulder bikini top. Indeed, they come into various silhouettes, like bandeau style, triangle, and bralette. Having all these choices might help find the right one up to your preference and liking. This is also why there so prized by women.  

Plus, if we had to sum up in one world the one shoulder bikini it would be versatility. This type of bikini top can be paired with many types of bikini bottoms. In fact, by combining different types of models you can create each time a new look which make you look like you have something new every day.

Tips to Choose Your Next One Shoulder Bikini Swimsuit

Before you make your choice of which one shoulder bikini swimsuit you want, there things you need to know to not make mistakes. Here are our few tips.

The first thing you need to consider is what type of one shoulder bikini you want. As might know now, there triangle, bralette, and bandeau styles. Each providing different vives such boldness or sportiness.  

Then you need to know what look you want like a retro, a modern or chic look. So, you know with what bikini bottom you want to pair your bikini top.

In fact, you need to consider the cut of the bikini bottom that can enhance all your bikini outfit. A high waisted bottom provides more coverage and support, while a standard cut bottom offers a more traditional bikini look. The cut of the bikini bottom can also affect how your body shape is perceived. A high waist cut can create the illusion of a smaller waist with longer legs. However, a low waist cut can elongate your torso. So be careful when you make your choice and what you want to be reflecting when going to the beach;

Finally, after having been careful with the crucial first steps, you can now consider the color of your swimsuit. In fact, some colors can enhance your shape like black, white, or brown. Those are neutral colors that are often bought because of their slimming effect. Even blue depending on the shade can have this effect. On the opposite, bright colors like red, green, and yellow draw more attention. Depending of your purposes, choose wisely as the one shoulder bikini swimsuit is already original by its design. The prints can play a big part too. For example, if you have a small chest, prints can bring volume to your upper body. If you have a large chest then, dark colors or smaller prints may be a better choice for you as it will be more flattering.

One Shoulder Bikini Tops and All their Alternatives

One shoulder bikini tops will give you not only a unique style, but also comfort, and versatility. Your future choice of how to mix and match will make all the difference. Knowing you will follow our advice; you will make the right choice which will enhance you wherever you go to the beach. You will make a statement of who you are and what you want to show. If you are curious about the other models or have more options, don’t hesitate to have a little look to bikini tops. You will have a larger choice and will be able to find your happiness among all of this. So go ahead and add your future bikini top in your collection!