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Bikini Tops

When looking for bikini tops, we tend to be lost with all the choices and that styles there are. It’s hard task finding the perfect one. However, Sexy Swimwear will help you with your decision.  With different shapes, colors, and styles available, you will be able to find the perfect match for the next summer.

The Different Types of Bikini Tops

There are countless different types of bikinis. Here are the classics ones we often advice and please you.

First, we have the bandeau bikini famous for its simplicity and versatility. It does not have any straps that wraps around the chest. You won’t have any tan lines. It will provide a good amount of coverage. It's an excellent option for those who prefer a minimalistic, and casual look.

Then you have the triangle bikini are a part of classic swimsuit. Generally, when you picture a bikini, you imagine this model. They are named after their form of triangle shape. They provide a minimum to moderate coverage. If you are not afraid to show oof and be bold, then don’t hesitate to try it.  

We also have the bralette bikini top that has become popular over the years. Indeed, these top offers balance between style and comfort. They often come with adjustable straps. They are like a bra; this is why it is popular among women. You will be sure to be comfortable all day even during water sports.

Another type of bikini that provide support is the push up bikini top.In fact, they will enhance the shape of your chest will providing support to it. They provide a little coverage and are ideal for tanning.

Finally, if you are looking after a swimsuit that provide a lot of coverage, the is the halter bikini top.It has strapped that tie or hook behind the neck. Thanks to them, you will have a great support and coverage. We often advise them to women with larger busts as it provides the necessary lift and support.

How to Style your Bikini Top Swimwear?

When it comes to styling your bikini top swimwear, there are plenty options to enhance your look. You can experiment with all the bikini bottoms we have. For example, if you choose high-waisted bottom, you will have more of a retro vibe. On the opposite if match your bikini top with skimpy bikinis, you give a sexy and confident attitude. It is up to you to choose what you are more comfortable in. Don’t hesitate to play with the materials and the colors. This will make the difference. If you are looking for your first piece of swimwear, we advise you to choose a black one. This color will never let you down and make you effortlessly chic. You can add a cover up like a skirt, a pant or even a short. It will give an element of sophistication if that is what you want.

Advice to Take Care of Bikini Top

To make your bikini last longer and in a good state. It is essential to follow a few steps.  In the first place, after each use, rinse yourself at the shower with cold water. It will remove the chlorine, salt of the water and residues of your sun cream chemicals. Don’t wring or twist the fabric. If you do that, you will stretch or distort its shape. This is why we advise you to gently squeeze out the excess water. Lay it on flat place with no sun direct on it.

You have two options to wash your bikini top.  The first one but not recommended: the washing machine. If you use it, please do it on a soft mode with cold water and a special detergent for swimsuit.  If you wash it by hand, which is preferable, use a mild detergent and hand wash gently. Don’t scrub or rub it crazy. It can cause the fabric to lose its elasticity and color vibrancy. Then put it away from direct sunlight, to prevent fading or degradation of the material. If you follow all those steps, your bikini top will last forever and in a good state.

Take your First Dive in the Bikini Tops World

Choosing the right bikini top is an important decision. By making the right choice, you will elevate your beachwear style considerately. It means also be comfortable and confident during the day and activities.  Whether you prefer a classic triangle bikini top, or a more revealing swimsuit like skimpy bikini top, you will find your perfect match for the next summer. So don’t wait go look after all the possibilities that are right here!