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Bikini bottoms

Welcome into the world of sexy swimwear where you can find the bikini bottoms of your dreams. We have a large range of them to the brazilian bikini to the high waisted bikini bottom. Often forgotten, those have a big impact on your beach you. They each have their own specificity. Some of them are more comfortable than the others and some more revealing. Each of them will enhance your body and natural depending on what style you want to have.

What are the different types of Bottoms?

You must know there have there are dozens of options when it comes to bikini bottoms. And understand the different styles. Indeed, this is a crucial step. You will be picking a piece that you will wear a good part of the summer. And you want to look good in it not the opposite. You also want to be comfortable and not and be tight inside of it. Here are the different types we have. First, we have high waisted bikini bottoms that accentuate the waist and the belly giving you mermaid vibes. Then, there is the brazilian bikini that will make you like you are a model in Rio walking with confidence, And your bottom well enhanced. High leg bikini giving endless leg that will make others jealous. Finally, there are skimpy bikini for those whose are bolder and want to show off their body’s beauty and want to be sexy at the beach.

How to Choose the Perfect Bikini Bottom?

When it comes to choose bikini bottoms, people tend to be lost because of all the choice and options there are. But don’t worry, we give have some tips to help through this journey. First, you must ask yourself what your preferences are: have high coverage or on the opposite wear the minimum of fabric. What you are the most comfortable in. And then you should ask yourself the purpose of it. Are you going to do water sports like surfing, are you going to be walking and explore the sea rocks at the beach or just lay around and tan.

In the second time, you might ask yourself if what kind of material you want. Indeed, some of the swimsuits are made we special material that prevent premature deterioration caused by the different components of the water. It could be salt or the chlorine from the pool water. And sun product can destroy it. That is why you absolutely need to think of the purpose your future bikini bottom. Also ask yourself if wish it to be stretch or not. Depending of model and its material some of are more stretchythan the other because of the amount of elastane.

Finally, after all those important details, you can look after the color you want to wear. Some of them have prints like leopards. It will add an original touch to your piece. You will be then, able to express your personal style through it and be cute when going to the beach.

What to look After when Buying Swimsuit Bottoms

When you want to buy bikini bottoms, there are a few things you need to be careful of. You need to look at the quality. By this we mean the material used to make it. You should privilege fabrics like nylon, elastane, polyester, spandex, or a blend of them. They are in fact made to make to enhance your experience in the water better. They allow you to dry faster than if it was made of leather or wool. They filter the sun rays and are the more resistant when it comes to water components.

Discover the Bikini bottoms world!

Bikini bottoms are an essential part to not forget and to take seriously. They will complement your shape and enhance you to the point that you never want to leave them behind. So don’t wait and go look at the brazilian bikini. This will be the first dive in your journey in bikini bottoms world. Go find your bikini bottom essential soulmate!