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When you go to the beach during the vacations or go to the pool to relax, you want to be in the right swimwear and look the best. Choosing the wright swimsuit can make all the difference. Among all the existing swimsuits, there is one piece that stands out from the rest: the monokini. Indeed, thanks to its style and design, many women to have taken a liking into this one.

What is a Monokini?

The monokini is a one-piece swimsuit that blends two elements of a bikini and a traditional one-piece swimsuit. More precisely, it is a bikini bottom and a top that are connected by little fabric or straps. This leaves the sides of the body exposed. It gives a unique blend of coverage and exposure. It provides the right amount between modesty and daring. This type of swimsuit allows women to be more confident, fashionable, and comfortable.

At the beginning, that type of swimwear, was essentially a bikini bottom with two thin straps, leaving the breasts bare. At first, during that time, it was a statement of femininity and boldness. However, it did not have success during those years. But nowadays, designers have decided to give it another try by modernize it it.

So, the monokini swimsuits of today offer various designs, from cutouts to strappy details. They're known to be figure-flattering silhouettes for women. They are the most wanted when it comes to accentuate curves and hide a part of your belly.

What Are the Different Types of Monokini Swimsuits?

Over the years the monokinis have known many evolutions. Changes have been made. Monokini swimsuits come in a variety of styles. They suit to different preferences and body types. The most common one you will find everywhere is the type that features cutouts along the sides or front. With this one, you will have a striking and modern look while covered. Another style is popular among women is the monokini with mesh or sheer fabricsincorporated in it. Those materials add some sexiness to the swimwear. Then there are high-cut monokinis. They will elongate your legs and accentuated the curves of your hips. Consequently, offering a flattering silhouette that will make other envious. For the one who are too comfortable by showing a lot of skin, they are more modest options. Some monokinis have fuller coverage and less cutouts. This way, you will be able to maintain a balance between style, comfort, and modesty. In addition, on some models, you can add straps for more support and customization.

How to Choose your Monokini Swimwear?

When it comes to choose you swimsuit for summer, you might be lost with all the choice. We have some advice to share. There are several factors to consider when you want to make a choice including comfort and style.

In the first place, you must know your body shape. You cannot choose your monokinirandomly. You want that it enhances you not the opposite. You can turn yourself to one with cutouts to accentuate curves. If you are more modest, then you take a monokini with coverage. Then you must be careful of the fabric. The materials must be high quality providing you support and stretch. Moreover, it will last longer. Paying attention to details like the straps is also important. Knowing that they enhance and provide more support through the day during your activities, you should consider them.

The last thing you need to consider when purchasing a swimsuit, is its purpose. In fact, you must know what you are going to do during your time at the beach are you going to surf, to tan, to walk around and visit the seaside. Monokinis are more suit for tanning. They won’t let any straps mark.

When you have taken all the important factors in account, then you can elaborate your style with different colors, patterns, and designs that will reflect your personality. That way you will be more confident and bolder. So, by considering all those factors, you can now select the monokini you want to wear this summer and the next one.

The Monokini and Its Aternative: Tankini

By wearing a monokini, you will make a statement on the beach. It will show your boldness and how proud you are of yourself. One world to define it: empowerment. You will be able to tan as much as you like without any problem. Even doing activities won’t be a problem. If you prefer a type of swimwear that cover you more and style, be feminine, then we also have tankini. Those have a huge success among women and are particle. So don’t wait and come in dive into our collections find you perfect swimsuit!