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Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

As summer comes, it's time for you to search for the new piece that is going to be part of your swimwear wardrobe. Each year, we always advice to go after the classic because they will never fail you. This season, there one category that has conquered women’s heart:  the cheeky bikini bottoms. They offer combination of style, comfort, and coverage that please women.  

What are Cheeky Bikini Bottoms?

Cheeky bikini bottoms are a style of swimsuit bottoms that offer less coverage on the buttocks compared to traditional bikini styles. They feature a higher cut on the legs and less fabric in the back. In fact, you picture them, they are a perfect fusion between brazilian bikini and high leg bikini.They will give you long leg with the cut of a brazilian bikini to your bottom enhance your natural beauty without many efforts. They are popular for those reasons.

Compared to the traditional bikinis, thanks to the cheeky cut, there is less coverage behind for your bottom putting in value your assets. You must think that this is uncomfortable. However, it still provides a comfortable fit. You will be able to move freely without feeling any restraints. You can do whatever you want tan, swim, walk… On the other hand, the high leg design, visually will give the illusion have longer legs. Indeed, this style of swimsuit elongates your legs, giving you a svelte silhouette.

The different Styles of The Cheeky Bikini Bottom

You might not be aware but there are multiple types of cheeky bikini bottom. In fact, it comes with a lot of variations, each offering a distinct look and level of coverage.

First, there is the classic cheeky bottom providing moderate coverage on the bottom while having a higher cut on the legs. All of this to flatter your silhouette. Then there is the cheeky brazilian bikini bottoms, those offer a more daring even bolder appearance with a real minimal coverage. They often have a narrow strip of fabric in the back to accentuate the natural curves of your bottom. This brings out the buttocks. After, the ruched cheeky bikini bottom has a moderate coverage. However, it incorporates fabric on the backside, creating a sculpted effect. Next are the side tie cheeky bikini bottoms.As the name indicates, they feature adjustable ties on the sides which allow you to customize to your liking the tightness and level of cheekiness. Finally, there are the high waisted cheeky bikini bottoms. They combine the classic high waist with the cheeky cut on the backside. This offers a perfect blend between femineity, modernity and daring. With all those options you should be able to find one to your linking representing you. 

Advice to Find your Next Cheeky Swim Bottom

When you think about purchasing a cheeky swim bikini bottom, it’s important to know the right size and fit. There are elements to consider such also like your shape, your personal preferences… So here are our little tips to help you through your choice.

The first step is to choose the good size. You absolutely need to know your measurements. You don’t want to wear something to small that will reveal more than needed. And you need to be comfortable and confident during the day. Some of you might be tempted to choose a smaller size to accentuate the curves. However, there are plenty models that will do the work for you while providing comfort.

Once you have succeeded in the first crucial step, you can then select your preferred style. Depending on level of coverage and boldness you want there are plenty option if you want to show your body and tan a maximum, then turn yourself to the cheeky brazilian bikini bottoms. You must be confident and like your body to wear this type of swimsuit as it shows a lot of skin.  However, if you want more coverage and be more modest then, we advise you to choose ruched cheeky bikini bottom. It will provide more coverage, but you will still be looking girly and cute on the beach.  Don’t forget that some models have side tie which allow you to customize to your liking the high of your bikini. For example, if you decide to go for the side tie with a low-rise on your hips, this will give you a sultry and sexy look.

Finally, you can choose the color. As bold is cheeky swim bottom, you have to find to right balance. It’s up to you. If you decide to choose a revealing bottom, then neutral colors like black would be the best. It won’t make you look vulgar. On the other hand, if you have chosen a modest bottom, then bright colors are a good addition to your swimsuit as it will attract attention. With all the tips provided, you should be able to select wisely your next bikini bottom.

How to Pair Your Swim Bottom Cheeky?

Once you have found your swim bottom cheeky, you need to find the bikini top that will match with it.  Depending on the style and look you want, there are several options. If you want for a uniform look, then choose a bikini top that matches the color and style of your bottom. Or be original and contrast with a bright bikini top with patterns. This is a good way to add something new to your outfit.

Cheeky Bikini Bottom and Other Options

Cheeky bikini bottoms are now a classic that all women must have. Those who have them will make a big entrance when arriving to the beach. While they offer the perfect blend between style, comfort, and the right amount of coverage you will still be bold and confident. If you want more feminine options, there are bikini skirts. You want to be modest yet embody femineity, then go check them out for more information. So, don’t wait and go get your next partner in crime for this summer!