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Sling Shot Bikini

When the spring arrives, women are already thinking what their next partner in crime for summer will be. As they might have already everything when it comes to classical swimsuits, they might not have the last trend:  the sling shot bikini. With its daring design that's been setting social media on fire, you will make a strike on the beach for you next summer vacation.

What are Sling Shot Bikinis?

As you might have already heard of, sling shot bikinis, also known as slingshot swimsuits or slingshot bikinis, slingshot bikinis are part of the extreme bikinis. As you can already picture, they have the minimum of the minimum coverage. Those bikinis consist of a narrow strip of fabric that covers the lower intimate partsand is attached to thin straps that loop around the neck and waist, leaving the body to be exposed. The design looks a slingshot, with the straps forming a triangular shape that extends over the chest and back. Because of their revealing nature and daring look, they are worn tropical beaches, pool parties. Please avoid wearing them to any party that might include children as they are too revealing for their young age. Moreover, if you want to wear them, remember that they are for tanning and show off not for sports water as they won’t provide you any type of support.

What are the Different types of Bikini Slingshot?

As you might assume, there are several different types of bikini slingshots. Indeed, each of them providing its own design and level of coverage.

The one most common type is the classic slingshot bikini. It possesses a narrow strip of fabric that covers your intimate parts and is connected to thin straps looping around the neck and waist.

One of the other variations is the monokini. In fact, this a category of its own as it has characteristics but still is a variation. It combines elements of a traditional bikini with slingshot design. It often has cutouts or straps that expose more of the body.

Finally, there are micro slingshot bikinis, which are the most revealing. With minimal coverage and thin straps that barely conceal the wearer's intimate areas, they will a good choice if you want to expose yourself. With all those variations, you will be normally able to find the design you love with the level of coverage and comfort you want.  

Considerations to Have Before Buying a Sling Shot Bikini

Before you buy a sling shot bikini, there are a few things you need to know and  to keep in mind.

First, be careful of the materials used to make your swimsuit. A good swimsuit is made of polyester, nylon, spandex or a mix of those. A good quality sling shot bikini should be made from comfortable, durable, and quick-drying fabric. This is why you absolutely need to look after the fabrics’ materials.

Then, don’t forget to check if it's a micro or mini bikini. They seem alike but still are slightly different when it comes to coverage or size. It's essential to choose the right one for after being able to take a size in which you are comfortable.

The last point: consider the design. Like other bikinis, sling shot bikini can come in various designs. With all the choices available, you can choose the design that will make you feel confident and comfortable.

Making The Most Out of Micro Sling Shot Bikini

Once you've found the perfect the micro sling shot bikini, it's time to wear it with confidence. This swimsuit is all about confidence, sexiness, and women empowerment. Whether you're sunbathing by the pool, on the beach or doing a photoshoot, the slingshot bikini will make a statement for yourself. If you want more opportunities for to show off at the beach, then go check our sexy bikini category. As the name of the category state itself, you will have all the choice available for you to choose your fated one for next summer. So, don’t wait and go check our sexy bikinis!