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Brazilian Bikini

When you think of vacation, you might see yourself on a heavenly beach like those in Rio. If you are in this situation, you might also dream of wearing brazilian bikini. This type of bottom is one of the classical you want to take with you. It embodies sensuality, femininity, and confidence. Thanks to his design, this bikini has conquered every continent.

What is the Brazilian Bikini?

Brazilian bikini of referred as brazilian thong bikini is a type of swimwear that reveal a lot of skin. You can recognize them by their special shape. It possesses a cheeky cut, with a higher leg and less fabric at the back. They can be equipped of threads that connect the parts of the swimsuit or not. The design conducts to show more skin and give you lower parts more flattering look. So, as you can already picture it, they don’t cover as much as the other types of bikini bottoms do. If choose one of these, you will make a statement and show your boldness.

The Brazilian bikini has also a tight fit. Indeed, its design is made to make sure you’re your feminine curves are highlighted. Generally sold as a set, with the top and the bottom.  You can buy separately. So, you can style with what you want or just wear it alone.

What are The Different Types of Brazilian Bikinis?

As you could imagine there is not only one type of brazilian bikini. Over the years, designers innovated the model make new ones with different cuts and designs. We can distinguish four types of them. Each of those has their specificity.  If we take a cheeky cut, it will define your bottom perfectly thanks to the balance between each part of it with a touch of modesty. If you want the opposite, you have the brazilian string bikini. Those are extremely bold. As the name suggest, the form of it is a string on both sides. They cover the minimum of your body parts and allow you tan as much as you want. Then you have high leg brazilian bikini. They make your legs look like they are longer and are often chosen for it. Then as said before, there are tie side bikinis bottoms. You easily adjust the side of your bikini by making it loose or tightening it.

Some Ideas to Find the Perfect Fit for Your Body and How to Wear It

With all the choices and the possibility that the brazilian bikini offer, choosing might be difficult for you. Find the one who fits you the best is important if want to spend your day comfortably. The last thing you want is to spend your day fixing your swimsuit or looking ridiculous. We decided to provide you some tips, so it’ll help you.

First, you should be looking and analyzing your body type, more precisely the shape. Some of the brazilian bikini might enhance better your shape than some others. For example, if you are not tall, we suggest looking after high leg brazilian bikini.This type of swimsuit slims you and refines your figure. Another example if you are part of the people with wider hips don’t worry. The tie side brasilian bikinis will help you, its adaptability. You will be able to make the adjustment you want.

Another thing you need to know about brazilian bikini, it tends to run small because of the design. If we take the cheeky cut or the brasilian string, they both have not that much of fabric, so if take a too small sized some parts might be seen and you don’t want that. So be careful to check the size chart.

We also have advice concerning with what to wear the different models of brazilian bikini. The cheeky cut could be paired with a string bikini top. It will sexy and feminine. You cannot go wrong with this match. Another set you can create is high leg brazilian bikini with a bandeau bikini.Because the bandeau bikini is covering it will balance the matching.

After theses crucial steps, you can focus yourself on the color you want to wear. Depending on your preferences, you can choose whatever color you want. Considering the revealing nature of the brazilian bikini, we advise you to orient yourself towards neutral colors like black or brown. However, if you are not scared to attract attention and bold enough, go for red or bright green, they will complement the tan the best.

The Evolution of the Brazilian Bikini Bottom 

Stylish and bold are the two adjectives that come in mind when you think about the brazilian bikinis. This swimwearis famous which understandable considering all the possibility it offers. The Brazilian bikini has evolved over the years to adapt his style to different cuts that exist. If you enjoy the high leg brazilian bikini, then you should appreciate the high waisted bikini bottoms. They are conceived specially for enhance the natural beauty of the legs. That makes it again one the prized piece by women. An excellent choice to go to the beach enjoy the sun rays. So don’t wait anymore and look to all the possibilities that the brazilian bikini and its variables offer and conquer the beach!