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As the summer arrives, you might want something new to wear and differentiate yourself from the other. Among all swimsuits that exist, there is one particular with its own style that might be for you: the tankini. This swimwear is a mix between a bikini bottom and a tank top. It offers offering both coverage and comfort.

What are Tankinis?

Tankinis are a style of swimsuit. They offer coverage and style. More precisely, it’s a tank top generally paired with a bikini bottom. Unlike the other traditional swimsuits, you have more flexibility and possibility of customization. This way, it allows you mix and create your own set looking unique on the beach. Generally, it’s your top that is covered. Indeed, tank top provides coverage around the torso because of its nature. Overall, tankinis offer a versatile and fashionable option for those seeking comfort and confidence at the beach or poolside.

What are the Different Types of Tankini swimsuits?

Tankinis have evolved in different styles since its apparition, each of them giving a special style and vibe.  

First, there is the bandeau tankini. It’s strapless and wraps around the torso. With this one you can sunbath and not be worried about tan lines which make it one of the most chosen by women. Then there is high neck tankini which provides more coverage around the neck area. It will protect your collarbone and chest from the sun and provide a higher coverage if you prefer to be more modest. The underwire tankini is probably the most famous and known by women as it’s offering more support for the chest and bust than the other. With its underwire nature, you will be comfortable and more secure during the day and activities. And you will still be able to tan.

After, there is the blouson tankini top.Like its name insinuate, the top is like a blouse that drapes around your bust. It’s often appreciated by women who seek a losing hence relaxed fit to be more comfortable leaving your chest free to be tanned. Then, the twist front tankini which is a twisted top providing a sense of fashion to your swimwear and femineity. And finally, there is what we call slimming tankini which is a style that helps to polish your silhouette. It offers a flattering look all over your body and will enhance your natural curves. offering a flattering fit for all body shapes and sizes.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of variety of tankinis available and for all tastes. You will be able to choose whatever style or coverage you want fir the next summer to the beach.

Tips to Choose the Right Choosing the Right Tankini

When it comes to choose your future tankini, you might probably be lost by all the choices available. There are a few things to consider before buying one such as your shape, style and comfort expectations. So, we here to give you a few tips.

First, you need to know your body, to more precise your shape.  If you're pear-shaped, a bandeau or halter tankini can draw attention to your upper body. For apple shapes, a blouson tankini can help conceal the midsection while highlighting the bust. For hourglass figures, underwire tankinis can offer support and enhance your curves.

In the second place, you must think about what you’re going to do during your vacation, if you are only tanning, or doing activities like surfing, diving into the sea… If you’re planning to only tan, then you should choose the bandeau tankini which will provide less coverage than the other and not leave any straps mark. On the contrary if you plan to water activities then turn yourself to the underwire tankini or high neck tankini as it’s going to provide more support and comfort during the effort. And concerning the bottom you can choose as you prefer revealing or more modest, it’s up to you. Women often pair their tankini with a classic swimsuit bottom. Don’t forget to think about the comfort when purchasing your swimsuit.

Tankini Swimsuits and Bikini Sets

Tankini swimsuits offer a perfect compromise between style, femininity, and comfort. Not only you will be looking good but also able to do many activities. They are the perfect alternative to bikinis and one piece swimsuits. They allow flexibility. Indeed, you match and mix them between each other creating each time a new style for you own liking. If you like the concept of matching then, you should look to our bikini sets collection. You will be able to find more about bikini sets and how to match them. So, don’t wait and go look after your new swimsuits!