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Push Up Bikini Tops

Having large choice of bikini top can be difficult. You want to find one that will provide you comfort, style and practicality. You might want some part of your body to be enhanced. There one special design that been known for this: push up bikini tops. With its ability to enhance and shape of your chest, it's one of the most bought bikinis top that women are looking for.

Why have Push Up Bikini Tops in your swimwear wardrobe?

Push up bikini tops are not just a basic top; they will be your best friends during your summer vacation at the beach. With their design, they give a beautiful shape and offer the same support as a bra. That is why many women choose this model, so they won’t feel uncomfortable during the day and the upcoming activities.

One of the advantages push up bikini tops in your bag, is that they have this extra support underwire that help you through the day. And the bra cups will push your chest forwards to enhance its shape. With this you can swim in the water without any risk of losing it. You can even do some water sports or just lay around and tan.  

We have them in many different colors from the classic black to bright and colorful red. They are also available in a wide choice of styles the traditional one known as black bikini top to the ruffle one different type of fabrics that will make you cute.

You can pair those bikini tops with many of our bikini bottoms of different colors and types of models: high waisted, Brazilian bikini. These will give the impression long never-ending leg.

How to take care of your Push Up swimsuit?

To keep your bikini top in a good condition over the year, you should be aware of the following things. Such as rinse the swimsuit to remove the chemicals like sunscreen or salt that could deteriorate the fabric with cool water. You can use the wash machine delicate mode and with cold water. However we advise to wash it by hand, you will be sure to destroy it and use a soft washing product. But be careful to not use fabric softeners. Those can damage the fabric. After this you can dry your swimsuit away from the sun, in a safe space. If you follow all those steps, you should be able to keep it forever and in a good shape and color.

The Versatility of The Push Up Swimsuit Tops

You might think that the push up swimsuit tops style is only for bikini. But no, you can find them in different model of our collection. You can find the push up type in the one-piece swimsuits, tankinis, and monokinis. With the different materials, colors, and prints, they are easy to wear and to match with other bikini bottoms. They have become a classic over the years no matter what body shape you have.

The push up bikini tops have become an essential part of women's swimwear. With their advantages and designs, they will never be old fashioned. So don’t hesitate and look at our bikini tops  collection!