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Micro Bikini

Over the years, we saw the emergence of a whole new type of bikini: the micro bikini.  They stormed into the swimwear world. When they first arrived, there were debated concerning their revealing aspect. However, many women saw the big innovation of it.  They will be your best friend when tanning of the beach during holidays.

What is a Micro Bikini?

You might be curious of what is a micro bikini. So here is the answer. The micro bikini is a type extremely skimpy and minimalist swimsuit. It’s a tinny version of a bikini. It is composed by a small triangular piece of fabric and the same goes for the bottom.  They barely cover the wearer's body, providing minimal coverage of the chest and lower body parts. They are designed to be very revealing and often leave little to the imagination. When you want to sunbath, this is the swimsuit that mush buy.

The Different Categories of Extreme Micro Bikini

Before buying your micro bikini, it's important to know the differences between a micro bikini and the other skimpy swimwear like the string bikini and thong bikini. Each of them has its own style and unique characteristics.

Micro bikinis come in various categories, each offering unique styles and levels of coverage. You may be able to choose the one that suit your purpose and liking the best. Among the categories, there are the string bikini. It is characterized by its thin strings that tie around the hips and neck, leaving little fabric to cover the body. However, compared to the micro bikini, it’s providing more coverage and is more appreciated for it. Then, the teardrop bikini, which like his name suggests, is teardrop-shaped pieces of fabric that barely conceal the body.  Finally, there the G-string bikini, which is a narrow strip of fabric at the front and a thin string at the back, providing minimal coverage while accentuating the wearer's curves. To resume, each of them will enhance differently with different vibes with more or less coverage.

How to Choose the Right Bikini Micro?

Once you've decided on the style you prefer, the next step is to choose what kind of micro bikini you want wear and the purpose. In fact, with all types of bikinis come a purpose. Do you want to wear one to tan a maximum, do you want to be free in your movements? Do you want to embody boldness and be sexy on the beach? That’s the questions you should ask yourself. However, please consider that choosing extreme micro bikini do not fit everyone and there are some places that are more conservatives than other. So be careful when choosing your swimsuit.

Dive Into the Brand-New World of Micro Bikinis

Now that you are know what it a micro bikini and know how to choose, don’t let anything stop you. They are available in different styles, size, and colors. And, in different materials. Whether you're shopping for a micro bikini other category, don’t forget to consider the occasion and your style. So now, go look to our monokini. They are sexy swimwear by definition and will help you to enhance your natural beauty without any extra work or accessories. Remember that the perfect bikini is one that makes you feel sexy, confident, and ready to hit the beach. Happy shopping!