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Extreme Bikini

In the world of swimwear, diversity is the keyword. Indeed, you can find whatever types of swimsuits you want for every occasion.  As the sun announces the coming summer, there is one swimsuit you should be looking to: the extreme bikinis. Perfect for those who want to tan a maximum and are not afraid of revealing their skin. They will accompany you in most of your beach adventure.

What is an Extreme Bikini?

An extreme bikini refers to a particular style of swimsuit. It’s characterized by its revealing nature and minimal coverage. In fact, it covers the bare minimum of your body allowing you to tan as much as you want. The extreme bikini is often featuring narrow straps, minimal fabric, and high-cut bottoms. All of this leads to expose a significant amount of skin. Those are designed to be provocative. It’s often worn in exotic beaches, swimwear competitions, or for its sensuality. If you want to wear one, be careful because, it’s generally for aesthetic rather than sports water.

The Sexiness of Bikini Extreme

The bikini extreme is so daring that you will have to like yourself. It's for woman who embraces her body and isn't afraid to show it. By wearing one, you will make a statement: the free women. In fact, the extreme version of the extreme bikini is the extreme micro bikini. They are often in the same category as they’re similar. In fact, it is a minuscule piece of fabric that consists of a string thong and a micro bikini top. The bikini top and bottom are connected by thin micro-strings, giving the extreme bikini its name.

As you might already know, your bikinis come into various design. It’s the same for the extreme bikini. Indeed, it comes in various forms, including the extreme micro bikini, the extreme string bikini,and the thong bikini. The name is similar however, there are small differences in the design and coverage they provide.

For example, the extreme micro bikini provides the minimum coverage possible on earth, whereas the extreme string bikini and the thong bikini offer slightly more coverage. However, don’t forget that this is less compared to the regular bikini.

Tips to How to Take Care of Extreme Bikinis

You might think that taking care of extreme bikinis is not as important than the other one because of their lack of fabric. However, this is wrong. It’s because they have much less fabric you should be more careful. So here are our tips to take care of them.

First, it's important to hand wash them with cold water using a gentle detergent. Please avoid at all costs harsh chemicals and rough surfaces is essential to prevent damage to the fabric.

Then, after wearing it, rinse the bikini thoroughly with cold water helps remove things like salt, chlorine, or even sunscreen. At first you might have thought that those components were not harmful, but they are.

For the drying step, lay the extreme bikini flat in a shaded area away sunlight to avoid distortion of shape. Once it’s dry, storage it in a cool, dry place. If you follow those tips correctly, you will be able to keep your extreme bikinis for a very long time without worrying about their appearance.

The Extreme Micro Bikini and Its Alternatives

The extreme bikini also known as the extreme micro bikini is a bold and sexy swimsuit option for women who love to show off their bodies. Whether you choose the extreme micro bikini, the string bikini, or the thong bikini, each of them will provide you an effortless style with a unique silhouette. If you want to go further in this world, then we have the perfect collection for you. It’s the sling shot bikini. Indeed, those are part of the extreme bikini. However, it’s a category itself because its look. It’s bold, sexy, and revealing. You won’t be disappointed! So don’t wait and look to your next swimwear fashion statement!